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Real Estate Investment

Historically Chicago Real Estate - Great Investment!

Historically, over the years, Chicago residential real estate has been a great investment. Over the past several years, the value of most residential real estate has skyrocketed. This rapid rise was fueled by several factors, low interest rates, demographics, empty nesters moving back into the city, and a certain speculative fever. Of course, as with all booming markets, this extremely rapid rise in property values is slowing down now. But the future looks very bright and profitable indeed.

Chicago Real Estate Is a "Tangible Investment"

We are all aware of how the value of stocks, bonds and other paper investments can soar and then plummet, often without warning. Stocks that once looked fantastic when they were trading at $100 dollars a share, now look overvalued at $1 a share! Real Estate is sometimes called a "tangible" investment. Real estate is forever... solid, bricks, wood, land. And, no new land is being created here in Chicago! In uncertain economic times there is a certain degree of safety in the proper Chicago real estate investment.

What Is Investment Property?

Any property can qualify for the name "investment property." We specialize in Chicago Residential investment properties. A two bedroom condo, a loft, a two flat, three flat or multi family building (five units or more). We are expert at helping investors find suitable Chicago residential investment property. We understand the economics and the factors that determine the suitability of multi-unit real estate investment property. We will advise our buyers as what to watch out for in the way of zoning, and parking.

*We have just upgraded our new Chicago Neighborhoods section. It's a great way to get better educated about your decisions on your new home!

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