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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm currently working with another Chicago Realtor; can I still use your Chicago MLS Free Property Search?

A. Yes, there are no such restrictions on our complimentary service. We believe that Real Estate agents should not have a monopoly on this information.
However, you should ask yourself these two questions...
1. Why are you using our MLS search service if you are working with another Realtor? The Realtor you are working with should provide you this service!!!!
2. Are you absolutely comfortable with your current Real Estate Agent and confident that he or she is doing the best job for you?

Q. I am a seller. I am trying to sell my house. How can you, a buyer's agent help me?

A. If you the seller, agree to pay us a reasonable commission if we sell your property to one of our buyers. Of course, we shall only match our buyers with your property if it is the right property at the right price for the Buyer. Please go to our Chicago FSBO page for a detailed explanation of how we can help you.

Q. Are you (Chicago Real Estate and the other Chicago Real Estate agents) licensed Chicago Realtors?

A. Yes. We are licensed real estate agents, Buyers Agents.

Q. I see Real Estate ads in the newspaper and they always advertise exclusive listings? What are "exclusive listings?" Can I find these "exclusive listings" in your Property Search?

A. So called "Exclusive Listings" means that the company or real estate agent buying the advertising is the "listing agent" of that property. That company or agent has been hired by the seller to market his or her property and is bound by Illinois law to represent the seller's best interests... to get the best price and terms for the seller. Yes, the so called, "exclusive listings" are listed in the Chicago MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and can be found in our MLS property search. Every Chicago Realtor has access, through the MLS to these listings.

Q. How do Real Estate Agents make money from the properties they sell?

A. Real Estate agents are compensated through commissions paid by the seller. Typically, the seller hires a Real Estate agent or company to list and market his or her property. The seller agrees to pay a commission that company/ broker (currently 4-6% here in Chicago).

If the listing agent finds a buyer that is not represented by a buyer's agent, he or she keeps the entire commission when the property is sold. If the buyer has representation, the agent that represents the buyer splits the commission, paid by the seller.

This is why it is so important that all buyers be represented by a Buyers Agent! The listing agent, or seller's agent is working (by law) to get the best deal for the seller, and since the seller pays all the commissions, our Buyers Services are free to you!

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