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Relocation To Chicago IL

Moving to Chicago and looking to purchase a new home? Chicago Real Estate™ provides a comprehensive Relocation Service for families and individuals that may be relocating to the Chicago Area. We will work for you as a Buyer's agent to find that Chicago area, single family home, loft, condo or investment property that you're looking for. Sellers pay the commission fees so there is no charge to you for our dedicated buyers services.

Chicago Real Estate - Independent Relocation Specialists

Chicago Real Estate is an independent Chicago realtor that offers dedicated buyers agent services. We will not steer you to any particular Condo building or home because we list it. We are duty bound by Illinois law as a Buyers Agents to represent your best interests.

Some "so called" Chicago Relocation services are affiliated with listing brokers and, of course, show clients from out of town their listed properties first, even if the neighborhood or building is not exactly right for their client. The person relocating to Chicago is often at a disadvantage in that her or she may be unfamiliar with the city and its neighborhoods and suburbs and that they may have a very limited time frame in which to make a purchase.

Don't Make A Mistake!

Of course we want you to use our relocation buyers services when you move to Chicago. We are certain that we will do the best job for you. But, whomever you choose to help you, make absolutely certain that you are comfortable working with them, that they answer all of your Chicago Relocation questions thoroughly, and that you never feel hurried or rushed. Be sure to ask them if they have any affiliation or special arrangement with the properties they show you.

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